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Invoice Software

With SpeedInvoice you can raise an invoice from wherever you are, there is no need to be in the office or even be online to create an invoice. With Speedinvoice you raise an invoice when it suits you - Invoice Software at its best.

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Estimating Software

With SpeedInvoice you can generate an estimate or a quote in less than a minute. You can document site conditions with your camera and store them together with the estimate / quote, then send the estimate / quote out to your customer together with any attachments that you choose. You decide if your document should have the name estimate or quote (or anything else that might make more sence). This is only the start of what you can achieve. SpeedInvoice will help you produce professional estimates or quotes in just minutes.


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This is a short video showing you how easy it is to create an invoice in SpeedInvoice. Once you have either entered or imported your customers and items you are also ready to create an invoice in less than a minute. This is invoicing software that allows you to fly through your work.

How to Try

It is easy to try SpeedInvoice to see if you will like it. Just go to Apple's iTunes or Google's Play Store and download SpeedInvoice. Once you have it installed on your phone or tablet you can either use our demo company to find your way around, or you can set up your own business by running "Create New Company" from the log on menu.

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Credit Card Payments

Create your invoice and get paid via credit card with Mint's mPos device. Through SpeedInvoices' partnership with Mint Payments you can sign up on-line and take payments via credit card and Eftpos a couple of days later.

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Invoicing made Easier


With SpeedInvoice you do your quotes and invoices as you go, because it will only take a minute.

Up to date

As you have your phone with you, you have access to all the information you have in the office

Never Offline

SpeedInvoice is also fully functional offline, so if you don't have coverage you can still do your work.

One or Many

SpeedInvoice is designed so you can work together with your colleagues. You can all record items to the same invoice.


We encrypt the information that is sent between your browser and the cloud-service so that it is safe from prying eyes.

In the Cloud

Your data is stored securely in the cloud. If you buy a new device, all of your data is available when you download the app.

Work from Everywhere

With SpeedInvoice you can work from a Windows PC, a Mac, an Android device or any iPhone or iPad.

Easy and Intuitive

SpeedInvoice has been built to be easy to use. You get set up in less than 10 minutes and create an invoice or a quote in a minute

We are here to Help

If you need help we are here. Email, watch a video, call us or just dive straight into the help text in the app or here on the site.


Help is never far away

SpeedInvoice has an extensive helptext in the app, a support section on this websitewith videos and documentation. We will do our best to answer any question if you email or call us, or look at any suggestion for an improvement that you might offer.

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SpeedInvoice offer support via email and phone

Free Invoice Software

To try SpeedInvoice invoice software is free for the first 30 days. Billing, invoicing, estimating or quoting as much as you wish, without any cost or committmentto buy the invoice software. You can download it from Android Play Store or Apple's App Store and use the free invoice software for a month. If you like SpeedInvoice, and we hope you do, you buy a subscription after this point to the invoicing software.  

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