The first blog!

Finally we have our new website up and running. It isn’t that we had any particular challenges in getting it to this point, it was just that it was more work than we might have realised to start with.

Many times it is the fact that I don’t see everything that needs to be done when I set out to do something that actually has me start things I’m neither very good at nor has any particular experience in. Building this website was one of those things. By underestimating the work involved I thought we were up for maybe eight weeks work, in the end the work has kept coming at us for six months. Having underestimated the job at hand did however get me started earlier than if I would have realised the decks needed to be cleared for that much longer.

Having taken it to completion I am however very happy with the result and has enjoyed most parts of getting it to where it is now. I guess as a person I enjoy seeing something being built, be it my never-ending house renovations or when we are working on SpeedInvoice, SpeedSale or this website.

I have been told that the key to success with a website is to keep it alive and engaging, so I don’t think we are done at this point. We will keep adding to it, and in the process hopefully provide you with a bit of insights in how to work with invoices, quotes and orders in the most efficient way.

I want to close our first blog with a big thank you to our web consultant Kevin Jenkins from Pyxio (you can get in touch with him at Kevins knowledge and professionalism is second to none and I couldn’t recommend him more highly for anyone setting out to get a better website built. If you feel anything is missing from ours please let us know. Welcome!  

Staffan Wensing