Invoicing - one of the best parts of running a business!

To be able to send off an invoice once you have delivered the goods or provided the service is one of the most satisfactory things for a small business. Unfortunately the satisfaction from doing this might be diminished because to create invoice and send invoice can be difficult and an administrative task that you neither is very good at nor enjoy. Maybe you didn't start your business to shuffle papers and try to keep track of business with poor tools and no invoice software to get you through the day.

An invoice app will reduce your paperwork - SpeedInvocie

SpeedInvoice was built with you in mind. When designing it we wanted to make sure you could create invoice, or a quote for that matter, in a minute. We wanted to be sure you could do it from the office, at home or when you are out in the field. As such we needed to make sure we developed something that was going to work equally well across a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with the two tasks create invoice and send invoice.

SpeedInvoice is a comprehensive invoice app that covers smartphones and tablets, both Apple and Android, as well as computers, both PC and Mac's. It is cloud based and built for the sole trader or small business. Despite its focus of being easy to use and easy to get started with, it offers functions and features that many other invoice software or invoice program's can't match. But before we get stuck into everything that SpeedInvoice can do, lets have a look at what we believe is critical to small business software when it comes to the invoice program.

Invoice software - what do you need?

Whether you are a tradesman, technical expert, programmer, accountant or legal professional, you likely know that the process to create quote, generate invoice, sending invoice, managing payment and at times issuing reminders for customers, will eat into the time you have to actually get some billable work done. There are many paid and some supposedly free invoice software, as well as more complex accounting software and small business software packages, that will try to convince you that they are the right invoice generator.

Having spent several years building SpeedInvoice, and in the process discussed for hours what makes a good invoice program, we believe we can tell a good invoice software from the not so flash invoice creator. Let us walk you through the various functions and features we believe to be important in order for you to effectively create invoice and send invoice.

While traditionally most invoices are done inside an accounting software, this is many times not a good option for a sole trader or a small business as the individuals raising the invoices aren't accountants. It becomes an even poorer option if you are working away from the office and have to go back to the office in order to generate an invoice. Most businesses would benefit if they could generate invoices or create quotes on the go. Not only can you stop filling your evenings or weekends with administrative work, but you also improve your cash flow by invoicing as jobs are completed or delivered. On your own, or together with your colleagues, you need to be able to quote jobs, invoice clients, track payments and send out reminders while putting your best foot forward and service your clients as a qualified professional. You not only need to be able to send an invoice at the completion of a job, but you will win more work if you can respond with a professional quote that might have your reference document and terms&conditions attached to the quote, or why not attach a copy of your insurance certificate and your certification as you are sending out a quote. If you electronically can email a quote with the relevant attachments whilst still being in front of the customer you will find that you can win the business on the spot. Leaving a client looking for a quote to mail one out several days later is not the best way to win business.

Improve your business with Mobile Invoice Software - SpeedInvoice

Finding the best quotes and invoice software helps you manage your work efficiently as well as managing your clients. By maintaining consistent style and quality in your own invoicing system, you are better able to manage your brand while remaining organised and efficient, not to mention better prepared come tax time.

Our ambition is to give you a good overview of invoice software in general and SpeedInvoice in particular. We have taken the time to go through each function and explore the more significant features and faults to help you make an informed decision about invoice software (also known as an invoice program, invoice creator or invoice generator). A good starting point is the legislative requirements that an invoice must meet. It is important to remember that these might vary from country to country, so make shure your software meets the requirements where you operate.

What are the basic functions of invoice software?

Invoicing software should generate invoices as well as track invoices, and while not all invoicing software hold the exact same features, each has a unique set of tools that help you do what you do, many times much better. Some can keep track of payments,some even offer integrated credit card payment solution (normally referred to as mPOS), some can respond to late payments with an email reminders. Many can directly email PDF invoices and statements to your clients. Software for small business should be designed for your small enterprise operation, but they also need the ability to scale so it can grow with your business. There has been a tendency in the software world to add many functions and features, but at times this will be a mixed blessing. Firstly it has a tendency to make the software more difficult to learn and manage, and secondly it makes it a bigger challange to continually upgrade the software system to new platforms if it is functionally very rich. This might mean that your old software package works well for you, but it is only available to run from your PC in the office. So if the software is not available to you where you are, what good is it doing your business? This is why the platforms the invoice software is available on is becoming a very important criteria when looking at software for small businesses. Here is what we found important.

Invoicing Features

The invoicing features were the essential key to the effectiveness of the software we reviewed, so how they handle your invoice requests is important. We looked for the level of customisation in the invoice creator, and the ability to effectively manage your customers and items. We also made note of electronic invoice options like PDF as well as the ability to convert between quotes and invoices.

Payment Features

Payment options are important such as credit card processing, partial payments, pre payments and payments to be distributed over multiple invoices or accounts.

The Invoice App SpeedInvoice will supercharge your business

Customer Features

Your customers likely have preferred billing options that include email or mailing addresses, payment types and contact details. Keeping this information in order is vital to good customer relations.

Sometimes it's the extras that really set one invoicing software apart from the rest. Whether it’s a the ability to accept a payment from a customer via credit card whilst your are out of the office, or the option to attach, share and save various forms of communication with the quote or invoice, we looked for better ways to handle the challenges of managing many and at time complex relationships easy and efficiently.


We are becoming increasingly mobile in today’s fast-paced society. Your work may be more at the client site or elsewhere than it is in the office. Cross-platform functionality lets you take your billing and invoice software with you, in effect invoice to go. Naturally, your data security comes into question. We also considered the security features for mobile, networked and cloud applications. 

Help & Support

You are not expected to be an accountant to use this software, though many seems to be design with accountants in mind. The best invoice software should allow you to do all of your administration efficiently and in a letter of minutes, not hours. It needs to support your specific needs and adhere to the national legislation with regards to information presented and how it is securely stored. What we looked for in this area was ease of use and support. We wanted to know that none of these were needlessly complicated and that answers to your questions would be available quickly and in the way you wanted them, be it delivered via the phone, a help text, via email, or what is quickly emerging as one of the most popular avenues to information, YouTube videos.

It is in everyone’s interest that your small business succeeds, and it is in ours to help you make that happen. When designing our invoice software we have looked at small businesses requirements and had the ambition to build the best software possible for your needs.

Below is a short guide to how SpeedInvoice works and attempts to meet the requirements of your business in the best way. If you need more information please remember that you are always welcome to call or email us, but you also have the option of reading our detailed documentation or watch some of our videos.