Credit Card Payments

SpeedInvoice has a partnership with Mint Paymenst that will give you the opportunity to accept credit card payments when you are out on the road or in the office. Once you have connected Mint's mPOS device to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth you are ready to accept paments.

When receiving payment for an invoice you have raised in SpeedInvoice, you start by going to the detailed view of the invoice. You then pick "Pay with Mint" in the menu and complete the payment in SpeedInvoice. Once this is done SpeedInvoice will transmit the amount to the mPOS device you finalize the payment by following the instructions on the mPOS device.

SpeedInvoice and Mint can handle everything from a full payment of an invoice to a part payment and a credit. It is surprsingly easy to get up and running with credit card payments and it will offer many benefits to you. By following the link below you can get up and running with credit card payments in days.