Estimating Software and a Quote App

With SpeedInvoice you can quickly generate a professional estimate or quote, with functionality that will help you win business and keep you on top of what you need to know. SpeedInvoice has all of your customer records accessible as well as your items. This will allow you to work quickly when you are creating a new estimate or quote. Let’s have a quick look at what you can do:

Screenshot from quote software SpeedInvoice

Estimate or Quote Creation

You can do either an estimate or a quote in SpeedInvoice, as you decide what you want to call the document in SpeedInvoice. In some markets they names carry different meaning, and in some markets one is used over the other. In SpeedInvoice you decide what you want to call your document. In SpeedInvoice you also have the freedome to either let the sum of your estimate or quote be what you offer your customer, but also have the ability to override this amount. You also have the opportunity to add discounts or markups on your products, either set for a specific customer or do it manually when you create the estimate or quote.

Lets have a look at the difference between a fixed price quote and normal quote or estimate. When creating a fixed price quote you set the cost without any regard to the items or quantities used on the quote. You can use as many items as you wish on a fixed price quote, or none at all for that matter; the price will be dictated by the amount you have entered as your fixed price. If you don’t enter a fixed price on your quote the amount will be the sum of each line on the quote. As you are building your quote you will have full control of the prices of the items as well as any discount you may wish to extend to your customer. SpeedInvoice will default to the price per item and apply any customer discount as stated in the customer record, but you can quickly change these if you wish. If you need to add an item to a quote that you currently don’t have in SpeedInvoice you can do that on the fly.

Online Quotes or a Quote App

If you are using SpeedInvoice you never need to make a choice between getting an online quote software or a quote app. The online quote software will allow you to work from your browser in your computer and has the benefit of more easily allowing you to write longer texts as well as printing your quote if you wish. A quote app has the upside of being where you are, even if you are out on site. As a quote app lets you do work from an iPhone or Android phone, or a an iPad or a tablet, you can bring it with you as you are out quoting or work. The benefits are that you can complete the work on a quote directly even if you are out of the office and as such can respond much more quickly to a request for a quote. If you are using SpeedInvoice you never need to make a choice between getting an online quote software or a quote app as SpeedInvoice is a quote app with an integrated cloud component. So if you are on site you can work through you iPhone or Android phone, or your iPad or Android tablet, and if you are sitting in front of your computer the cloud service might be the way to go for you. Either way you do not have to let go of one way in order to get access to the other, you do what is most practical every time.

Estimate or Quote Template

As you are working in SpeedInvoice you will notice that the estimate or quote template we are working with is dynamic. As you are moving through the estimate or quote creation the template will adapt to your information. As an example, if you are using discounts on your quote those discounts will be presented in a separate column, but if you are not using discounts there will be no column for discounts presented. Similarly if you are creating a fixed price invoice without specifying the various items and quantities, those columns will not be presented at all.

The estimate template or quote template in SpeedInvoice will also carry your logo (if you have uploaded it in our cloud solution), your address and payment information as well as any other information you have set up. The SpeedInvoice quote template is design to look professional. If you at any point when you are doing quote creation want to check on the final result you just press preview, and you will be presented with the same PDF as will be sent to the customer.

Make your quote stand out

Needless to say there are good and bad ways to make your quote stand out. Lets skip all the bad ways it can stand out and look at how it can help you win more business.

Add Photos, Drawings and Documents

Attach a picture with quote software SpeedInvoice

By including a picture of what you are selling on the quote you give your potential customer an opportunity to appreciate your product better, or possibly to help them choose between a couple of options. You can also use the photo function to document site conditions prior to commencing work, or to add a couple of photos to the invoice once you have completed the work you quoted.

You also have the option to automatically or manually add other documents as attachments to the email when the quote is sent. You have the opportunity to add anything from your standard terms & conditions, drawings, technical information or a product PDF, a project plan, a certificate of currency of your professional indemnity insurance or a reference document outlining similar work you have completed. The list of valuable documentation goes on, so you need to consider what you can add to your quote to put your business in the best possible position to win the job you have quoted for.

There are two ways to add an attachment when you work with quote generation. One way is to add standardized attachment to a quote (although you can delete it when you work with the quote), the other way is to add an individual document to a quote. To add a document as an attachment to a quote you go to the cloud service of SpeedInvoice. If you wish to add standardized documents you go to settings, if you wish to add an individual document to a specific quote you open the quote in the cloud software and press the edit symbol on the quote (the pen) and then press attach images/files.

An overview of SpeedInvoice Quote Software

SpeedInvoice has two components to it, the cloud software that you can use when working from a browser on a computer and the app. The app is available in either iOS or Android. As we are giving you an overview of the software we will talk about the functionality and how it works from a smartphone/tablet perspective unless we make specific mention of the cloud software.

When you work in SpeedInvoice quote software you are moving through a hierarchy of screens. It all starts in the menu screen where your five menu items for the main task quotes, invoices, customers, items and sales unit. Once you have entered your items, customers and sales unit you will mainly work with the menus quotes and invoices. Under the quote menu you will work with both quote creation and quote management.

As you tap on quotes you are given an overview of your quotes where you have the newest quote at the top of the list. You will have a screen that displays quotes created in the last 180 days (older quotes are only available through the cloud service). If you tap one of those quotes you will open a screen where the details of that quote are displayed and you can work with that quote. If you wish to create a new quote you tap “Add” in Android or the “+” in iOS, and you will be taken to a screen where you pick your customer (or add a new customer). If you chose to work with an existing quote or to create a new quote you are taken to the same screen in SpeedInvoice quote software. It is on this screen that you decide what actions you want to take with regards to this quote. You can add additional items, adjust prices or quantities, update the customer information or attach photos. You can also preview the quote or send an email with the quote attached from this screen. When you do an action you are taken to a new screen, but as you complete each task you are taken back to the quote overview. If you wish to return to the previous screen without updating any information you tap Done.

Quote Software SpeedInvoice - Create quotes

When quoting items SpeedInvoice can quote prices including or excluding GST, it depends on how you set the system up. If you need to change how GST is calculated you can do that in Company Settings under the menu “Prices and amounts are GST inclusive”.  It is in this same menu that you also can change a number of other settings in SpeedInvoice. Here you have control over what default text will be suggested when you are sending an email with a quote, how many days a quote is valid for, the standardised number of days a quote is valid for and a number of other things. It is from the settings menu you control some aspects of the quote software.

When creating a new quote this is what you generally do:

  • Go to the quote menu and create a new quote by tapping “Add” or “+”, then you pick a customer or create a new customer.
  • Start entering items and quantities for your quoted work or material. You do this by tapping the text “Items on Quote (Tap to add)” at the bottom of the screen (scroll if you can't see it).
  • Decide if the quote is a fixed price or if the price is made up by the items on the quote. If you want a fixed price you tap "Payable Amount" and enter the fixed price, if you want the cost to be the amount of the work and material specified on the quote you leave this field blank.
  • You might want to add a short description, i.e. New Kitchen or Consulting, or enter a long text.
  • You might want to change the default values for “Quote Date” and “Valid Until”.
  • You might want to edit the customer information by pressing the customer name (name, contact person, address, phone numbers and email address).

If you update the customer information on a quote you will be asked if you want to update the customer record as well, or if the new information only should affect the current quote. This gives you the opportunity to maintain your customer record when you are doing a new quote or choose to register a new contact person or a new address for a quote, without changing the main customer record.

When adding items to your quote you normally pick the items you want and pick the quantity of that item, adjust the price and the discount if necessary, add an explanatory text if need be and tap save. If you wish to edit an item prior to adding it to the quote you can do so by using long press. You can also add a new item by tapping add. Please remember to save your changes by tapping save.

If you wish, you have the opportunity to add photos to the quote. You can add photos either from your album or by taking new ones. The photos are saved with the quote and can be viewed by any of your company’s staff or if you wish you can share them with your customer. If you wish to add a document to a quote you need to do this in the cloud software.

You can at any time during the quote creation look at how the quote will present to the customer by tapping preview. Once you are satisfied the quote is correct you can email it to the customer from the app.

There are a few additional actions you can do when working with a quote. You can call the phone numbers in the customer record or show the address on a map, approximate the address for your current location, close the quote for further changes or delete the quote.

Creating an invoice by converting a quote

Once you have received acceptance on a quote from a customer and have delivered the work or the goods you can convert a quote to an invoice by selecting the quote and choosing "Create Invoice" from the overflow menu. You can edit the information, quantities and costs of the quote/invoice prior to sending it to the customer.