Invoice Software and an Invoice App

When setting out to build SpeedInvoice, mobile phones had gone from something you made telephone calls on to a mobile computing device, where processing power, memory and applications moved closer to computers. When we started out in 2011, business applications where taking off on both iOS (Apple’s operating system) and Android (Google’s operating system). Phones are increasingly used as the computer device of choice as they are easy to bring with you as well as having zero startup time. Businesses are today investing more money and effort to allow customer a good experience on a mobile device, having websites optimised for mobile devices as well as releasing apps to place orders and browse their products.

Screenshots from mobile invoice app SpeedInvoice

When building SpeedInvoice it was important to offer the best of both worlds. We wanted to have apps available in iOS and Android as well as a cloud solution that would be available from any browser. We also set out to have a seamless experience as you switched from device to device. As invoicing is an activity that can involve everyone in the business that is delivering service or shipping goods, it is important that you can work together with your colleagues when you are creating an invoice or a quote.

In order to work efficiently in SpeedInvoice we save all of your customers and items, so that you quickly can access them when you use them again. We also allow you to make changes to a customer record when you create an invoice or a quote, and for you to decide if that change is going to be saved in the customer record or if it is a change that is only relevant for the invoice you are working with currently. A good example of this is that you might want to email an invoice for a particular job to a new contact at your customer. You do this by entering a new email address and then deciding if you want to update the customer record or just use the new email address on this invoice. Invoicing software needs to do all those small tasks well in order to give you time to work with the important things in your business.

By saving all customers, items, invoices and quotes not only on the phone but also in the cloud solution we make sure that you always have access to the information. This is true even if your phone is temporarily without coverage, or you are accessing the system from a computer that you normally don’t use. If you buy a new phone or tablet the information in SpeedInvoice gets replicated to the phone the first time you use your new device, and you can start using your invoice app to generate invoices instantly.

Invoice Software for large and small

To effectively handle large volumes of customers and items SpeedInvoice has the ability to both export and import customers, items, sales units, invoices and quotes, to and from Excel or a CSV file. This will allow you to export your current customers and items to SpeedInvoice, as well as continually work with and update your data in an easy and efficient way. You also have the option to use Excel to export sales information to use Excel to give you a visual presentation of your revenues. This gives you the benefit of working with large data quantities, but even if you only have a few items and a handful of customers, SpeedInvoice will give you what you need without being a ball and chain to you and your business. 

When creating an invoice or quote in SpeedInvoice, the actual document is replicated to the cloud solution as you work on it. This allows you to create an invoice with your colleagues, as information will be available to everyone as it is being entered. When you have completed the work on an invoice you can have a look at the PDF that has been created in the background. This will show you the invoice the same way as it will look to the customer. When having confirmed that the invoice is correct you have the option of either email the invoice to the client or printing it. If you wish to print an invoice from your phone both iOS and Android have the ability to do so. If you want the ability to print when you are out and about you need to have a mobile printer (battery powered), but otherwise most modern printers will do the trick. If you are working on your computer any printer connected to your computer will work for SpeedInvoice.

Quickest invoice software around?

When building SpeedInvoice we wanted to give our customers a way to create an invoice quicker. To us this comes down to three factors: that the workflow is straightforward and efficient, that we manage to reduce the number of keystrokes for each invoice created, and that the app responds instantly to any action. SpeedInvoice had the benefit that we built it from scratch. When we started we weren’t stuck with an existing system, having been built to operate on for instance a PC. We started out with an architecture benefiting from all the benefits inherent in cloud computing and paired it with the speed and intuitive design of iOS and Android. 

The process that made most sense to us was to start the invoice generation by picking a customer first and then adding items, quantities and prices to the invoice. If the customer didn’t exist we added it directly in the process, not by leaving the process and going to the customer record, and we applied the same process for any missing item we wanted to sell. We also made sure that at any point in the process you could have a look at the invoice, not by looking at some poor proxy of the final invoice, but seeing exactly what the customer would be getting in the mail from you.

When adding items, quantities and prices we wanted that process in particular to be as streamlined as possible. As such we incorporated special features such as suggesting “1”, instead of you typing it as the sold quantity for items, but also giving you the option to overwrite that quantity without first deleting it. We also made items carry much more information than just a name, so that you could once and for all ad a long text to an item that would explain what a “small service” included, without spending time adding that text to your invoice generator.

Software for small businesses that doesn’t make your business look small

One function in SpeedInvoice is the ability to add a constant to the item text line. A constant is for example todays date or the name of the person adding an item line to an invoice. This functionality allows you to add the two constants “Name” and “Date” to an item text which will then translate into the name being presented next to the invoiced item, i.e. carpentry, together with the date the work was done. If your team of tradesmen are working on a renovation, it will be very helpful for you and the customer to be able to see who did what in your team and on what day. All automatically added to the invoice without any typing, having your invoice app do the job.

When working with SpeedInvoice you will notice how quickly you can look at a customer record or an item from your list of items. This is due to all of that data being available in the iPhone or Android phone that you are working with (or iPad or tablet for that matter). By storing all data in the invoice app and synchronising it with the cloud service as the data changes, we achieve two things: firstly you will be able to see the input by your colleagues and secondly, if you don’t have coverage on your phone you can still use the invoice app as you have all the data on your phone. The one thing that will not work when you don’t have coverage is to send the invoice off or synchronise your data, but the invoice has been completed and it will be sent once you have coverage again.

Finally, as we are talking about speed. How long time does it take to invoice a quote that you have received acceptance on from your customer? The answer is exactly as long time as it takes you to push the button “Create Invoice”! If that isn’t quick, then nothing is.

Payment Features and Mint mPOS

Integrated credit card payments with Mint in SpeedInvoice mobile invoice app

In SpeedInvoice you have a flexible payment function. You can accept a prepayment or a downpayment, then accept multiple payments until the invoice has been fully paid. If an invoice is overpaid or you need to refund an amount to the customer you can create a negative payment.

Through our partnership with Mint you can transform your invoice software to a mobile eftpos machine, accepting credit card payments and matching payments in seconds. When you have Mint mPOS you are a virtual check out counter on the go. Once you have paired your credit card reader to your smartphone via bluetooth, used your account information to sign in, then you are ready to accept credit card payments. The credit card payments are fully integrated in the invoice program so matching payments with invoices will become a thing of the past. You will not only get your cashflow to take a jump, but administration and handling payments will never be eating into your spare time again.

An Invoice App with Customer Features

In SpeedInvoice we give you the tools to look after your customers well. This is an invoice app that will always carry your customers' contacts as it is all available on the phone. In any conversation you will be up to date on outstanding invoices or the progress of a specific job. With SpeedInvoice some of the core functions of your phone are fully integrated in the invoice program, so you can use your map function to get to your customers as well as pinpoint the address you are at just now, which might come in handy when you are entering a new customers record or looking to get there quickly. You can also use the camera function to document work that you have done or to document site condition when quoting. What pictures you share with your customer is something that you have full control over.

Your customers likely have preferred billing options that include email or mailing addresses, payment types and contact details. Keeping this information is the bare minimum of good customer relations. It's the extras that really set one invoicing software apart from the rest.

Mobility - Invoice on the go

The ability to invoice your work as you are completing it means that you don't need to take the administrative work home with you.

Mobile invoice app SpeedInvoice

Any material or items delivered together with any expenses that you might have had for your client is easily documented either by taking a photo and adding to the invoice or by attaching maybe a PDF with the expenses incurred, be it a airline ticket or some plumbing material. By having your invoice software in your pocket these things get dealt with as they happen and will improve not only your cashflow, but how you can manage your time to become more successful.

The promise of software improving efficiency has been made for at least 50 years, and as much as it might have been true in the past, a good software system would cost a significant amount of money. It would also be complex and require knowledge you neither might have had nor was overly interested in acquiring. To install our invoice software is all of 3 minutes in our wizard and then you are up and running, taking the entire office with you as you leave. This means you get more time to get work done, instead of spending more time working. Finally, a business software that makes sense, not a software for the accountant to use, but an invoice app to save you time and money and win you more business.

As you can attach any document to a SpeedInvoice quote or invoice, you can add any relevant document that you wish to share. This can provide you with that extra edge when selling your products or services.

Insert a photo in mobile invoice app SpeedInvoice

Imagine standing in front of a customer when quoting for a job and  prior to leaving sending across a professional quote, with reference documents attached including Terms and Conditions. What better time to close the business than then and there instead of leaving and coming back via mail a couple of days later, when the business might have been won by your competition.

SpeedInvoice is an invoice software that really takes invoicing to the next level. It is invoice to go, whatever you are doing and wherever you are going.

Photos in Invoices?

Someone once asked me, “What is the best camera”, only to answer the question themselves, “The one you have with you”. With SpeedInvoice you will start using your camera for invoicing and quotes, not only because you have it with you, but because the opportunity to add pictures makes so much sense. If you are a tradesman and are quoting on a job, it is good practice to document site conditions. Nothing can be easier with SpeedInvoice. If you want to show your product in a quote, just add a photo. If you want to send across a few pictures of the job you just completed as you invoice for the work, just send through a couple of photos with the invoice. SpeedInvoice is not some stale accounting software for small businesses, it is a best of breed invoice software.

Help & Support

We have made a real effort to make SpeedInvoice as intuitive and easy to use as possibly. At times you still might need a helping hand. We are always available to you and are happy to field questions via phone or email. We also have some great resources such as film clips and help texts to give you the most from your invoice software. Remember that SpeedInvoice is not a mere invoice generator, it has all the functions of an invoice software and a bit more, so if you need some help to reap the full benefits of the business software, you have a very committed help & support team to get you all the way.