Dynamic invoice template

As you are working in SpeedInvoice the invoice template will change how it looks depending on the information you present on the invoice. This is because our invoice template is dynamic, the invoice template will adapt to your information. As an example, if you are using discounts when setting your prices on the invoice those discounts will be presented in a separate column, but if you are not using discounts there will be no column for discounts. Another example would be if you are creating a fixed price invoice without specifying the various items and quantities, those columns will not be presented at all. If you on the other hand do a fixed price invoice with items specified, no item prices will be presented on the invoice as the sum of the items might not match the fixed price you have set.

The invoice template will have your logo, if you have uploaded it in our cloud solution. Your address and payment information together with any other information will also be visible on the invoice. The SpeedInvoice invoice template is design to look professional. If you at any point when you are invoicing want to check on the howw your invoice will look you just press preview, and you will be presented with the same document as the customer see.