Send Quote

When you have finished and it comes time to send the quote or estimate to the customer, you have full control over how you want to send the quote. You control a number of things with SpeedInvoice when you send your quote or estimate:

  • photos that you have taken in the process of creating the quote or estimate can be sent to the customer. Do you want to do that or are they for internal documentation only
  • how you want to share photos, as attachments or printed on the quote, or both.
  • do you want to share all of the photos attached to the quote when you send the quote, or just one or a couple
  • you can attach documents such as PDF’s, Word documents or Excel spread sheets to the quote that might help you win the work. These documents can for example be a reference document that you might have prepared in word, with some pictures and quotes from customers, or your terms and conditions or a project plan. You decide and control what you want to share with your customer. 
  • If you have a document that you always want attached when you send a quote you go to the cloud service for SpeedInvoice and set the system up to do this automatically. If when sending the quote or estimate you want to delete the automatically added document, you can easily do so.

Once you have finished your quote or estimate (and that should be in a matter of minutes whilst you possibly still are with the customer), you send it vie email, or print it and hand it over. To send a quote or an estimate via mail is still an option, but sending an email with any additional documentation that you have added is easier. If winning new business is a priority for you, make sure you have the right tools to do so. Don’t stop at just sending off a ordinary looking quote a couple of days after you viewed the job, make sure you engage with the customer and show your business in the most professional light with SpeedInvoice.