20. Invoices and Quotes

Creating invoices or quotes

Invoice and quotes works in the same way. Open the invoice or quote menu and tap "+" in the app. If you don't have the customer tap on "+", otherwise select the customer.
-You can create an invoice by just writing a text and tapping on "Payable amount" to set the price.
-Add items to the invoice by tapping "Add item" or "+". If you need to create a new item tap on "+" once the item list is open.
-You can add a text on the invoice to explain what was delivered. This information can be a maximum of 6 lines if you are using items on your invoice, otherwise it doesn't have a maximum length.
-Tap on the date information to adjust the invoice date or due date,
-Change the configuration of the Sales Tax for the invoice (tap on the amount to do this in the app),
-If you set the price by tapping on "Payable amount" you have set a fixed price (if you want to override the sum of your invoiced items or aren't using any items)
-If you want to credit an item you state the sales quantity with a minus in front "-".
-Add an image or an attachment (you can only add an attachment by logging in at www.speedinvoice2.net).
-Add items by clicking on "+" in the web service or by tapping "Add item" in the app. When adding an item you can write a longer text to clarify services or products delivered for each item.

Functions will be available to you on the screen as icons, or in the menu in the app. When you create an invoice you have a list of features:
-Preview (click on the print icon in the web service),
-Copy (you can change the customer, items and the pricing),
-Delete (many times it is better to change the customer, items etc. on your invoice as you will get an incomplete number series if you delete it),
In Android you also have a "Share" function to send your invoice with other apps or as an SMS, you can let your customers sign on your phone and "Notes" (add a note to the document and set a reminder in your calendar).

Please try making a few invoices to get a feel for how SpeedInvoice works, then delete those invoices. You can change the invoice numbers at www.speedinvoice2.net under "Settings".

How to change invoices and quotes

It is easy to change something, just tap it. If you want to change the Sales Tax settings tap on the amount at the top of the screen. You can't change an invoice by changing a customer or item record, you need to change the information on the document.

You can change your Sales Tax settings by going to "Settings", "Company settings" and "Sales Tax". If you created an invoice or a quote without Sales Tax and you need to turn Sales Tax on, then delete the invoice or quote and do it again.

Credit notes

If you want to credit an item you state the sales quantity with a minus in front "-". If you want to credit an amount you state the amount with a minus "-" in front of it.

How email work

When you send an email from your phone or computer, it isn't your email client that sends the email, it is sent by our server. If a customer responds to an email, you will get that response. If you wish to receive a copy of all emails sent you go to "Settings", "Company settings", "Email" and "Send me copies of all invoice emails" or "Send me copies of all quote emails".

When you look in the web service, the overview has the date when it was emailed. In the app you have a small blue envelope in the overview.

If you are working on an Android phone you can also choose to "Share". This will allow you to send the invoice or quote from your mail client. Any attachments will not be sent; it is only the invoice or quote that is shared.

If your customer tells you that they haven't received an email, check that the email address is correct, that you haven't received a bounce message and ask them to check their spam filter.

Sales Tax and other taxes

You can change your Sales Tax settings by going to "Settings", "Company settings" and "Sales Tax". If you created an invoice without Sales Tax then you need to turn Sales Tax on, delete the invoice, and do it again.

Withholding tax is when a sum of the invoiced amount isn't charged the customer, instead this amount is paid by the customer to the tax office. If you use withholding tax you create an item and set the Sales Tax to 0%. You add the value of your withholding tax as the price with a minus sign "-" in front.


In the web service you can add attachments to SpeedInvoice by clicking "Attach Images/Files", or you can create a standardised attachment that gets added every time under "Settings".