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Enkel Fakturering

Med SpeedInvoice trenger du ikke å være på kontoret eller on-line for å lage en faktura. Med Speedinvoice kan du lage fakturaer hvor du vill og når det passer deg. Du finner ikke en bedre mobil fakturerings løsning.

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Enkel Fakturering

Best Invoice App

SpeedInvoice has the best reviews for invoicing apps. We have a review score of 4.8 in Google Play. We have more than 5000 reviews from our customers, so this isn't a handful of reviews made by us and our family. Try SpeedInvoice to see what a professionally built invoicing software should be able to do. We deliver the best invoice software based on our customers reviews, targeting small business. Too many invoicing apps are built with poor quality and they aren't good enough to handle your invoicing. Our advice is that you read plenty of app store reviews before you make your decision, as both Google and Apple will delete fake reviews. You can trust the reviews to find the best invoice software.

Tilbud enkelt og raskt

Tilbud enkelt og raskt

Med SpeedInvoice kan du lage et tilbud enkelt og raskt. Du kan bruke din telefons eller nettbretts kamera for å dokumentere ditt tilbud. Du velger selv om du vil sende med bildene til kunden, eller spare dem med tilbudet for eget bruk. Dette er bare noe av det du kan gjøre med SpeedInvoice. Bruk din tid bedre med SpeedInvoice.

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Hvordan kan jeg teste?

Hvordan kan jeg teste?

Det er enkelt å prøve SpeedInvoice for å se om du liker appen. For å komme i gang laster du ned appen fra Google Playstore eller Apples App Store. Når appen er installert på din telefon/nettbrett åpner du appen. Du kan bruke vår demodata eller du kan opprette din egen bedrift ved å velge ”Opprett ny bedrift” .

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Invoicing Made Easy


With SpeedInvoice you do your quotes and invoices as you go, because it will only take a minute.

Up to date

As you have your phone with you, you have access to all the information you have in the office.

Never Offline

If your phone is without coverage, you can access all of your data. You can't email or print, but otherwise SpeedInvoice works.

One or Many

SpeedInvoice is designed so you can work together with your colleagues or on your own from several devices.


We encrypt the information that is sent between your browser and the cloud-service so that it is safe.

In the Cloud

With SpeedInvoice your data is securely stored. If your phone is lost everything will be available when you download it again.

Work from Everywhere

You can work from a Windows PC, a Mac, an Android device or an iPhone or iPad.

Easy and Intuitive

We have made invoicing easy. You create your company in 5 minutes and do invoices and quotes in minutes.


Help & Support

We have an extensive help text under support, and if you need to ask us something you can contact us.